Apr 6, 2012

Casa Los Andes in Peru

This house was designed by Juan Carlos Doblado in Lima, Peru. Again, its not a beach house, this time its situated on the top part of a valley. Creating two volumes facing the hills/mountains next to it.
Hope you like it!
I don’t know if you’ve realized, but I changed a bit the design on my blog! Also added some pages on the top with links to my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (which I'm totally addicted!) and more! Check out my Pinterest.. I have a really nice board on organization! :)
Have a lovely Good Friday! Since today we’re not supposed to eat fish, I’m making CEVICHE! It’s a Peruvian dish which I LOVE! Husband also likes it! I’ll probably post pics on twitter and Instagram!
PS: would you like my Peruwiański Piątek to focus on other Peruvian stuff besides only architecture? Like culture? or just some random pictures from Peru? Let me know!
1674213010_los-andes-house-4 1674213010_los-andes-house-4

1190842694_comedor 1190842694_comedor

903258588_9 903258588_9

733288350_los-andes-house-8 733288350_los-andes-house-8

705912873_3 705912873_3

87564379_13 87564379_13
988040216_upper-level-floor planta alta

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