Apr 17, 2012

Cozy–Modern Cabin

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't blogged like in for-e-ver! It was my husbands 30th birthday on Saturday and on Friday his sister flew in from the UK as a surprise! and boy he was surprised! :) That’s my excuse for the weekend, and well she is still here with her daughter (our beautiful niece) and I’m trying to spend time with her as they don’t live here in Poland! She’s adorable!

Anyways, I found a bit of time today to surf through Pinterest and found one of the following pics that caught my eye! It’s a cabin located on a mountainside. I'm not exactly sure of the location.. but the whole thing is furnished with Dutch things. Take a look! I love the modern-meets-rustic-and-takes-over style ;)

Hope you’re having a lovely week! Follow me on Instagram! I post very often there ;)


via Desire to Inspire

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