Feb 27, 2012

How to improve your bathroom on a Budget (or when renting)

As I’ve mentioned before, the bathroom is also an important room in your home. Less important than your bedroom, but more important than the kitchen. It’s the place where you go, after waking up in your bed but before going for a fresh cup of coffee.

If you are lucky and own a place, here are some tips to redecorate your bathroom. If you’re like me, and don’t own (yet), this tips will also be helpful since there is not much spending :)


PAINT. Like everywhere, a change of color can make a huge difference. Since you won’t be changing your tiles, choose a color that will work in harmony with the rest of the area. My tip is to go with a neutral color, then accessorize.



LIGHTS. Change the light fixtures or maybe add lampshades if possible. A good option is to have a nice soft lights for when having a relaxing bath. Also, I recommend having a nice warm light tone. White always brings up imperfections and are usually used in office spaces and hospitals, so, if you’re concerned about your make-up, relax, almost everywhere you will be under warm light, the same as in your bathroom!



HARDWARE. Change old or ugly door knobs. This will give your cabinets a new look. Same as in the KITCHEN.

SHOWER CURTAIN. Count this as an accessory. You can use it to add some color to the room. Make sure that your shower curtain is always clean.



ACCESSORIES. Fluffy towels and bathmats can instantly make the bathroom look better. Invest in them. You might also want to buy a nice basket and fill it up with towels, it’s a nice detail and gives a spa-like feeling.



CLEAN. Entering to a dirty bathroom every morning must be depressing. Clean it often. Scrub the walls, tiles, tub and toilet. You will be surprised how much better a good wash can look. If possible, re-grout or whiten the tiles grout.



MED BOX. Don’t forget to clean out your medicine cabinet and through away old meds. It’s a good idea to divide them by use frequency.

TOILET SEAT. There’s no need to buy a whole new toilet. But if renting, go ahead and buy a new toilet seat. One, you  never know who used it before. And two, it will give a newish look to the old toilet.

MIRROR. Obviously. If you want, upgrade your mirror with one with a different style. A big mirror will also enlarge your bathroom.

SMELL. There’s nothing worse than a stinky bathroom. Add scented candles, tea bags or have fresheners available. I personally prefer candles, it will also create a relaxing atmosphere when taking a bath.

What do you think? Will you redecorate your bathroom any soon?




  1. Lubię tutaj wpadać, zawsze mogę obejrzeć świetne zdjęcia wnętrz! Już obserwuję, jeżeli też podoba Ci się mój blog, zapraszam do obserwowania. :)

    A co do lakierów... jeżeli Ci się podobają zapraszam na konkurs!

  2. I love your ideas! The first picture is amazing

    Check my new post:


  3. I absolutely love it! Great sence of style!

    Niedawno przemeblowałam moj wlasny kat na styl francuski, niedlugo fotorelcja... Ciekawe czy Ci się spodoba...

    pozdrawiam :)



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