Apr 20, 2012

Family House In Lima, Peru

It’s finally Friday! This weekend we’ll be celebrating husbands birthday! It was last weekend, but we had other plans already so we had to postpone it! Can’t believe he’s 30! He looks much younger! Anyways,  hope you guys have a fun and lovely weekend! Here’s my post for today’s Peruvian Friday!
Peruwiański Piątek is back! Today we have this family house designed by Studio Doblado Arquitectos. Located in La Planicie, Lima, Peru. The first level has a living room, dining room, kitchen, guest bathroom, master bathroom and service area. The second level has two bedrooms, lounge and bathrooms.It has an elegant and functional interior design.
Do you guys like it?

Family House With Impressive Swimming Pool
Family House Kitchen Design
Family House Living Room Design
Two Story Family House in La Planicie, Peru
Family House Courtyard Design
Family House in La Planicie, Peru
Family House Plan First Floor

Family House Plan Second Floor


  1. Eve, when are you coming to Warsaw? You remember I invited you for coffee? :-) Have a wonderfull day.

    1. I'd love to go to warsaw! Every time i've been there i have been only for a day or for a few hours! Next time i'll try to stay a bit longer! :)

  2. Remember to let me know - I will show you Warsaw my way :-)


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