Feb 29, 2012

Tips and Ideas to Organize your kids room and their Toys

A few days ago I got a request on storage and organizing ideas for kids rooms. Although I don’t have kids yet, I have 3 younger siblings (3, 11 and 16 years younger) so I was pretty much aware of my mom’s experience organizing toys. Besides that, I did my own research, of course ;)

So here are some tips and trick on getting your kids toys and room organized, and if you’re lucky, get them involved in the cleaning up routing! Fingers crossed for that one!

Hope it will help! Take a look also at my BEDROOM ORGANIZING BASICS.






Before going ahead and buying organizing systems (like racks, shelves, cabinets, etc) sort out everything and divide by activities. Separate books from toys, and donate things your children don’t play with anymore (if you will donate, you might want to re-think if involving your kid. He might want to avoid giving it or it may be a good idea to teach them generosity and charity).

Once you sort everything out, you will have a better idea of how much storage you need, and which system will work the best in your kids room.

If you’re lucky and have a big space, divide the room by areas too. Bed area, a reading corner with nice and fun beanbags (puffs) and a playing area, with a nice rug or carpet (remember to get a non-stain one, or something easy to clean).




This kind of storage is the best when you have small spaces. Even if you have a big room, I thing it’s a good idea. Place toys that are less used on the highest part and your kids favorite ones on the bottom, where they will be easier to reach.




Use baskets, boxes or even buckets. There are many things you can use to keep all toy sizes. But remember, each toy will have an adequate box size. Don’t put small toys on big boxes, this will only result on your kid emptying the whole box only to find one small thing. Instead, use small clear containers for them. Big containers work better for stuffed animals, big cars and trucks, or maybe some board games. TIP: Clear containers are the best. you and your kid will be able to see everything inside.




Label everything you can (hooks, bins, drawers, etc). Specially the containers. This way, your kid will know that everything has it’s place. If your kids can’t read yet, put labels with pictures on it. This is a great idea also to help them with their reading skills. And while at this, why not label in a foreign language too? (I used to label EVERYTHING while trying to teach my husband Spanish).

Customized Labels for Efficient Organization

Closet, storage, label, organize, declutter



Make their playroom organized, clean but still comfortable and cozy. Add some color and texture to the room. Have you ever wondered why they want to play in your bedroom or in the living room? Maybe that’s why. Make their space comfy enough… add some carpets or rugs so they’ll have a playing surface.



You don’t have to buy “special toy organizing”. Those may be more expensive. Why not find other alternatives? Like kitchen systems? The picture below shows a shelving system for vegetables. With those small clear containers added, it looks clean and organized. Buckets can give another special look. A different style of course. Always remember to LABEL!




What do you think? Once I have kids, I’m sure I’ll apply these tips!


Feb 27, 2012

How to improve your bathroom on a Budget (or when renting)

As I’ve mentioned before, the bathroom is also an important room in your home. Less important than your bedroom, but more important than the kitchen. It’s the place where you go, after waking up in your bed but before going for a fresh cup of coffee.

If you are lucky and own a place, here are some tips to redecorate your bathroom. If you’re like me, and don’t own (yet), this tips will also be helpful since there is not much spending :)


PAINT. Like everywhere, a change of color can make a huge difference. Since you won’t be changing your tiles, choose a color that will work in harmony with the rest of the area. My tip is to go with a neutral color, then accessorize.



LIGHTS. Change the light fixtures or maybe add lampshades if possible. A good option is to have a nice soft lights for when having a relaxing bath. Also, I recommend having a nice warm light tone. White always brings up imperfections and are usually used in office spaces and hospitals, so, if you’re concerned about your make-up, relax, almost everywhere you will be under warm light, the same as in your bathroom!



HARDWARE. Change old or ugly door knobs. This will give your cabinets a new look. Same as in the KITCHEN.

SHOWER CURTAIN. Count this as an accessory. You can use it to add some color to the room. Make sure that your shower curtain is always clean.



ACCESSORIES. Fluffy towels and bathmats can instantly make the bathroom look better. Invest in them. You might also want to buy a nice basket and fill it up with towels, it’s a nice detail and gives a spa-like feeling.



CLEAN. Entering to a dirty bathroom every morning must be depressing. Clean it often. Scrub the walls, tiles, tub and toilet. You will be surprised how much better a good wash can look. If possible, re-grout or whiten the tiles grout.



MED BOX. Don’t forget to clean out your medicine cabinet and through away old meds. It’s a good idea to divide them by use frequency.

TOILET SEAT. There’s no need to buy a whole new toilet. But if renting, go ahead and buy a new toilet seat. One, you  never know who used it before. And two, it will give a newish look to the old toilet.

MIRROR. Obviously. If you want, upgrade your mirror with one with a different style. A big mirror will also enlarge your bathroom.

SMELL. There’s nothing worse than a stinky bathroom. Add scented candles, tea bags or have fresheners available. I personally prefer candles, it will also create a relaxing atmosphere when taking a bath.

What do you think? Will you redecorate your bathroom any soon?



Feb 25, 2012

Easy DIY Decoration with Rope

Nothing better than knowing that such a simple thing can change an object completely and give it a total different look! Here are some crafty projects I found. Easy to do, and the results are very nice! From a vintage or elegant look, to a cute one!

Check them out! If you want to know the step-by-step, click on the image and it will take you to the source :)

First, my favorite: ROPE WALL


Rope wrapped bar stool

(they cut the legs first)
















cool rope wrapped vases jars bottles Fancy DIY Rope Wrapped Vases, Jars & Bottles



rope vases

Another vase

rustic centerpiece ideas






Light fixtures

Atelier 688 original Manila Rope Lights




Stair rail


In the bedroom

In decoration








sisal rope bowl by kate


Last but definitely not least! One more of my favorites! A headboard!!!

Overlapping Woven Headboard

What do you think? Will you try to make one of these projects??? Comment below! :) (in english, polish or spanish!)

Hope you have a lovely Saturday!



Feb 24, 2012

Decorating your Kitchen on a Budget

Believe it or not, the kitchen is an area where you spend a lot of time too. Well, at least in most countries… not everyone can afford a maid or cook. I love to cook (mostly for other people.. not so much for myself) and a nice kitchen will create a nice atmosphere to cook in. Remember, its also one of the first places you go to when waking up.. you go for breakfast… so you don’t want to get depressed as soon as you put a foot in there.

When I moved to lima with my sis, our kitchen was really depressing. All white and kind of old. We changed bits and pieces, but didn’t do much because our budget was small. If you’re having the same problem, here are some tips so give your kitchen a “face-lift”.

Always begin with the basics. PAINT. Chose a neutral color, like white, beige, cream, an off-white or ivory, and add a splash of color (maybe fuchsia, green, blue? whatever rocks your boat). I personally like to keep things simple, clean and elegant (off-white, beige, dark brown, grey or colors like that).


Like in the LIVING ROOM BASICS, you will need to create a FOCAL POINT too. Maybe use your backsplash area and have it colorful. Or a nice utensil rack or modern shelves.. maybe even a glass cabinet. These are options that will draw attention to it, and will allow you to add accents to the kitchen but not make a hole in your pocket.


The CABINETS in your kitchen are couches on your living room. The heart and center of it. A nice cabinet will create a nice impression. If you cant afford to buy new ones, just revitalize your old ones. Simple ideas? Change their color and install new hardware. You may want to consider getting rid of the doors.. if you keep everything in organized, it can give a pretty nice and clean look… plus, it makes the room lighter.


Never ignore the LIGHTING.. having a new light fixture can give the room a better look. If you have a high ceiling, put a hanging lamp. Monorail lightings are nice. So are under cabinet lighting. Besides of lighting your work area, it will give dimension to the room.

under cabinet lighting bh2h 

Last but not least, add PLANTS. Fake or real ones, it will also help giving a pop of color. I think it’s cute to have small pots growing herbs.


See? Simple and low cost things can make a big difference! Look at the example below! Of course, the more money you have, the better… unfortunately :( AMYBEFORE.jpg


One more :)



What do you think? Hope it was helpful!


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