Feb 18, 2012

Bedroom Organizing BASICS

The bedroom is where you start and end your day. Therefore, it should be a place free of stress and kind of a sanctuary :)


Go through every drawer, shelf and box under your bed and choose what do you really want to keep and what you don’t really use anymore. You will be impressed with all the stuff you don’t really need. And, if you are like my husband and want to keep EVERYTHING (even a small stone he found as a kid), put the stuff away into boxes).


Use the areas below and behind to store things too. Maximize the space by placing plastic containers on wheels. If you don’t have a headboard yet, buy or build one with out-of-sight storage incorporated. Another idea for linen storage (if you don’t have one) is folding a set of clean sheets and putting them between your mattress and spring box.

MALM Półka/szczyt łóżka, 3 szt. IKEA Schowek na rzeczy, które chcesz mieć pod ręką i ukryć przed wzrokiem innych osób.bookcase headboard concealed behind wood panels













Buy a table with at least ONE drawer and a bottom shelve. Personally, I think three-drawer tables are the best, you can have all of your things out-of-sight. You can even use one of them as a linen storage or room for extra clothes.

Keep the top clean and cutter-free. Have wall mounted lights.


Great option for clothes storage besides the closet. It will also work as a decorative furniture in your room. But, remember to keep the top clutter-free.

Keep in shallow drawers your socks, tights and lingerie. As for ties, try to have them on a tie rack. Unless you don’t have space.

For deep drawers, use dividers to separate clothing and, in my case, accessories. I keep my jewelery/accessories IN the drawer on small black dividers I bought at IKEA. I have them organized and stored away :) But also, if you have space on top of your dresser, a large jewelery box will work fine as decoration.

My husband tends to put his watch and bunch of coins on top of the dresser. To reduce clutter, but a gentelmen’s valet tray. I MUST BUY ONE! It will also avoind scratches on the surface ;)




  1. Ja też nie potrafię niczego wyrzucić i chcę zatrzymać wszystko ♥

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      ale czasami jest dobrze zachować. na przykład moja teściowa ma piękne stare torebki! i ja używam ich czasami kiedy wychodzę :)

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