Mar 26, 2012

How to hang your Frames / Gallery Wall

Hanging frames may seem easy and simple, but there is a basic rule to follow to make the layout easy on the eyes.

One simple rule:

- AXIS. This will create order and harmony on your arrangement. This invisible line can be positioned in many ways.


Horizontal and in the middle.



On the bottom.


On the staircase you should have the same height each step upwards.


And for more symmetry, follow borders of the furniture below. In this case, the bed frame.

via Budgetwise Home


Many lines, but always following them and using them as a guide.

Gallery wall final layout


Here are some examples of layouts that may be helpful…























via Brenda Knight Photography


Pinned Image

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Hope you enjoyed this tip and that it will be helpful! 


Extra tip:gallery wall hanging progress

Stick pieces of paper on the wall before making holes on it! What I did with my room (because I didn’t know about this trick) was make the layout on the floor, took a picture and then marked where the holes for the nails would go. It wasn’t so easy. I wish I had known about this before!











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  1. I was just thinking about hanging some photos on the wall. I will use your tips :) Very useful post!

  2. Hello :) Thank you so much for your nice comment :D Haha I see that translation is not very good ;) Plaszcz mean coat in english ;))


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