Mar 4, 2012

New York Duplex Apartment with Slide

Designed by Turett Collaborative Architects, and located in New York. What they did was buy two apartments, one on top of another, and joined them to create a duplex. To spice things up, the included a slide that, for me, looks like a piece of art! For sure I would’ve wanted one as a kid, but THIS slide I even want NOW. It looks amazing and would be heaven on earth for my future kids!

I was going to post this tomorrow, but I just couldn’t wait to show you guys! What do you think?




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  1. at least nobody's gonna fall in the stairs ^^

  2. świetny pomysł z tą ślizgawką:)
    zwłaszcza dla dzieci.

  3. What a great idea with a slide:)

  4. Wow love this post! I'm a fashion blogger but find architecture amazing! I've just been reading about these green buildings that everyone wants, Its like the walls are made out of plans to reduce material use and the plants grow and expand keeping your house warm and stuff.. Looks amazing you should check it out! Great new blog your posts are really really good!

    check out my new blog and tell me what you think :)

    Also I'm following you know as well :)



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