Mar 12, 2012

Old tenement Houses into modern apartments

Hubby and I started looking for apartments since a few weeks ago and he always used to say that he likes tenement houses (kamienicy). I didn’t really understand his love for them until last week. We went to visit one in Wilda and I just fell in love with them! The only downside about them is the location. They are usually located in a not child-friendly place. So that means: Wilda, Jeżyce, Grundwalska, Stary Miasto or places like that. So now we’re in a huge dilemma between an apartment in a building from 1910’s with sky high ceilings (not sky high.. but 3 – 4 m approx.) or a new one which will have low and tiny rooms but a nice location and façade.

I love the idea of combining old fragments of the building with new modern decoration. My favorite thing is that you can expose the old red bricks and show the “heart and soul” of the construction. I’ve heard that sometimes you can find bullets from the II World War!

The following pictures are not exactly from Poland, but they still are in tenement houses.

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Something interesting also is that in some doors into the apartments you have the hole for letters in German “Briefe”.

Here are some before and after's from Manhattan Nest :


What do you think? Do you like them or would you rather live in a new building? Of course a new building with high ceilings and big rooms in an amazing place would be ideal. But we can’t be picky when we are in kind of a budget.

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  1. Rewelacyjny efekt robią te masywne drzwi do łazienki :)

  2. These are simply amazing. The transformation from old and tacky to sleek and elegant is outstanding. The last before-and-after pictures were very impressive, too.

  3. This tenement house looks awesome and I really like it. I love the interior design and the features were fabulous. Thank you for sharing this with us.


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