Mar 4, 2012

Tips for an Open kitchen Shelving

Open shelving can give a very modern look if you know how to do it. The trick is on choosing what to show. Here are some tips and photos that will inspire you, well.. at least it inspired me :)
I love the look, but I’d be afraid of dust accumulating everywhere.

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NO FOOD. Avoid open food storage. The best things to show off are cups, dishes, bowls and maybe containers. Avoid labels, it will look cleaner and wont distract too much.

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ONLY SHELVE WHAT YOU LOVE. Sort your things and try to shelve only pleasing and non-distracting things to the eye. Organize.

HEAVY ON THE BOTTOM. Plates and other heavy stuff should go on the bottom. Not only it will look nice, but it’s also for a security reason.

LIGHT ON THE TOP. Glasses will look best above. Of course, don’t put them on the last shelve or you wont be able to reach them. I least I wouldn’t (I’m very short).

SPACE IN BETWEEN. Allow your objects to breathe visually. Let there be space between them, if not it will look cramped up.
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DARK or MIRROR BACKGROUND. The dark color will create contrast with the objects and a mirror will create a lot of space. You will be surprised with the mirror effect. For a clean minimalistic result, have a white background as your white dishes (or whatever color your dishes are).
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What do you think? Would you have this shelving system in your kitchen? Im not sure if I would… But, hey, it looks nice!
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  1. Great ideas! Me encantaria tener un dia cocina como la en el primer foto. Simplemente wow!

    Check my new post

  2. Interesting blog and nice pictures.
    Thank you for your comment, come back soon if you want.


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