Mar 5, 2012

DIY Nature inspired Art Wall

My DIY WALL ART post inspired me to do something myself! So I did this set of two frames for my hubby’s cousin's girlfriend :)

It might be something very simple, but I absolutely loved the result! All though I was stressing out at the beginning because I put too much pressure on my self to have everything perfect. I new it would come out nice, but I just worry in vane.

I bought 2 blank 80 x 60 cm and some black and white-beige rope. And added dry leaves! Even thought it’s not Autumn at all, I found them. I’ve always loved that season because of its warm and neutral colors!

I was also thinking on putting birds instead of leaves and have it look like birds standing on those telephone cables.. but I thought it would be a bit girly for her boyfriend… so I went for the leaves.

Do you like it?




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  1. Oh, that's amazing! You're so tallented!
    xoxo, M.

  2. this <3

  3. przepięknie to zrobiłaś! masz wspaniały talent!
    dziękuję za odwiedziny:)

  4. Hi Gorgeous!
    I was surprised that I got 2nd comment on my new blog wow! When I`d open your blog I`d almost fall from my chair.
    1. Your Scottish who was living in Peru and now Poland (why the hell Poland??)
    2. You incredible beautiful (profile photo)
    3. You where able to learn polish and its so complicated (grammar pronunciation) and unpractical (only can use in Poland)
    Love your blog, architecture, designes are my love!
    I`m only renting my apt in Dublin but I`d change a lot, first of all – colours!

    Hope to see comments from you often. I add you to my favourite’s blogs now!


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