Feb 19, 2012

Ideas to design with Sloped Ceilings

Sloped ceilings in Poland and probably whole Europe are very popular. I’m not really sure why? Tradition? Rain? For sure rain. But flat ceilings work good too as long as they have and adequate draining system. For me, this was an obstacle when I moved to Poznan. I think it still is.. but not as much as before.

If you’re having problems or “designers block” when it comes to decorate with this type of ceilings, read the following tips :) And take a look at some inspirational pics!

“If you can’t beat them, join them”. And that’s exactly what these designers did. Joined them and worked with them.

Sloped ceilings can be turned into positive things in the room with the right furniture, shelves and paint.


Use the low height space for decoration, frames, art pieces or shelves.



Place a desk or working area right under the slope. Usually this type of ceilings come with skylights, so you’ll have great lighting here!


Create cut fit shelves.



If you don’t have a low ceiling, and as a matter of fact have a very high one use hanging light fixtures to bring the ceiling lower.. that way you’ll have a cozier feeling too.



Having a low bed will give the impression of a higher ceiling, and can be a good fit for that small “unworkable” wall.


Use a dark color on the tallest wall to emphasize the room’s height!


Liked the ideas? Hope it was helpful! Have a lovely Sunday! I’ll spend my day relaxing with hubby!




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