Feb 16, 2012

Tłusty Czwartek / Fat Thursday

Have you eaten your pączki yet??? I haven't :(

While living in Poland, I have learned so many different things about their culture and traditions! One of them is FAT THURSDAY! In  AnnArbor.com they describe it as simply "excessive consumption of fat, jelly-filled Polish pastries". So, in other words: all-you-can-eat-pączki-day! Pączki (pronounced ponchki) are something like doughnuts filled inside. 

They say the reason for this day was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs and fruit at home. Why? Well, Ash Thursday is next week, and it marks the beginning of Lent (Cuaresma in Spanish) which is the period of praying and fasting. Remember Poland is a Catholic country. Pope John Paul II was polish :)

Did you know they also celebrate Fat Thursday in Chicago? And in Buffalo, Toledo, Delta, Ohio, Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, South Bend, and Windsor they do Fat TUESDAY. Chicago does it on Thursday AND Tuesday due to their huge Polish population!
Happy pączki day! Go eat your pączek :)


  1. Oh, i did not know it, but it seems like delicious! follow u now, do u wanna folllow me :) ?
    If u can, visit:

  2. I'm so envious!!! Here in Barcelona there are no paczki and I'm missing them so much, specially the one with cream inside..Pycha



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