Feb 13, 2012

Bedroom BASICS

Dzień dobry!!! I'm feeling much better today :) I wasn't really feeling THAT bad.. but still.. its good! Here are some basic tips when decorating your bedroom. Hope they will be helpful! Have a great Monday! Although I'm sure most of you are like me: Nie Lubię Poniedziałku (it was on tv last night! but I didn't watch it.. is it good?)


Here are some basic tips:

1)    The lightning. It should be soft. Remember that this is your intimate space, where you come to relax and recharge your energy, so the lightning here should create a restful and intimate atmosphere. Create a mood with candles.. this will also give a more romantic glow. Besides you normal lightning, always have two table lamps.. one on each side of the bed. Maybe have them ON the wall so you they don’t occupy space from the nightstand, therefore it will look more organized. You might want to add some fabric shades to diffuse the hardness of the light. In my case, my table lamps are made of frosted glass (you know... those blurry ones).
2)    Storage. Try to create storage everywhere. Under the bed, behind it, over the closet.. maybe even under a table (they sell those cute baskets everywhere.. the point is that you must hide your stuff). All your things must be tucked away. A nicely organized bedroom will contribute to the ambience of it.
I will definitely have a post dedicated exclusively to organizing the bedroom.
3)    Your bed. This is for sure the dominant piece of furniture in the room. In my opinion, the material doesn’t really matter. You can have a cheap bed (if you can invest on an expensive one.. great! But not everyone can... luckily my hubby had a great bed before I came :P ), but the trick is to make it look nice and attractive because this will add charm to the room. Well, and of course.. it MUST be comfortable (remember you recharge your energy here). An
4)    Pillows. Treat you bed by splurging on pillows, they add coziness to it, they add support when sitting and even work as an arm rest. Actually… I don’t use many pillows.. and I can even sleep without one, but I have like 4 on my bed (I would have more, but my tilted ceiling makes it impossible and uncomfortable to have them). As I said, they will add coziness and softness and they’re an excellent way to use expensive fabrics in small amounts ;)
5)    Bed linen. Splurge on them. It makes a HUGE difference when sleeping. Come on! They’re next to your skin! You will sleep much better… trust me. Avoid synthetic fabrics. Try to buy pure cotton, linen, wool or silk (although silk doesn’t let you breathe too much). Also, if you’re the type of person that likes how the bedcover goes down to the floor.. try not to have it. It will help circulate the air under the bed when having it raised well about the floor.
6)    Flowers? I don’t know if its only me, but Im not that much into flowers (unless hubby buys them for me :P ). But I have the impression, that here in Poland, women go crazy over them.. In this case, add flowers and plants to the room. They will help balance the flow of energy. Tip: for a more romantic mood, have round leaf plants. 
7)   Color psychology! Don't ignore it! I will explain more about this in the future :)

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  2. It's such a nice posting ,i like it. Love interior design, home decorating, and all manners of design in general.
    Hope you're feeling better <3


  3. omg, piękne sypialnie!

    Dodałam do obserwowanych i zapraszam do siebie.


  4. This post is very useful and full of inspirations!

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    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. thank you dolly! it did help me a lot because im planning to buy a new bed and want to recreate my whole room for a new ambiance!!



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