Feb 22, 2012

Decorating Your Bedroom on a Budget

Would you like to give your room a make-over but don’t have enough money? That was my case when I re-designed my bedroom. I wasn’t happy with how it looked like and didn’t feel like it was my “sanctuary”. You all know that your bedroom is the most important place at home… its where you start and end your day, and a place to recharge energy. So being comfortable in it is important! Remember to have in mind the BEDROOM BASICS!

All you’ll need is a bit of creativity, dedication, time and of course money… hopefully a small amount ;)



You don’t really need to buy a new one to re-vamp your room. You may just use your imagination and have a DIY headboard and change your bedcovers. I like to focus a lot on the wall behind the bed, make it work as a frame (your bed will be the picture). In my case, I filled that wall with different picture frames.

















If you have a small room, the walls will be the place with more area to decorate. Here, you can use wallpapers, picture frames, mirrors and wall stickers, this will give a nice look to it. Try using contrasting colors. It will give life and dimension to the room. And, as I said, wall stickers can make a change without having to change the wall color.



Rearrange it. You’ll see the huge difference it will make. It’s a great way to give a fresh and new look. The best thing: It’s FREE! ;)




Have many. It will give a cozier look and, as I mentioned in an older post, it’s a great and less-expensive way to splurge on designer items. Placing rugs on the floor will also help revamping the new look.

Swedist apt - red + white 10

What do you think about it? I’d love to read your comments :)



  1. wow niesamowite przemiana na pierwszych zdjęciach :)))


  2. these are some great tips! love it


  3. Fantastycznie!! Genialnie to wszystko wygląda!!Stwierdzam po raz kolejny że ogromnie dużą rolę odgrywa kolor! Nieważne czy farbujemy włosy czy remontujemy pokój;) Bardzo fajny blog! Będę obserwować kolejne przemiany:)


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