Feb 23, 2012

Shoes by Architects

Almost all women (and men: my husband) are obsessed with shoes! I personally need to wear high heels almost all the time.. mainly because I’m short.. and well, I like it. High heels always give you a better posture and make your legs look better ;) Anyways, some people prefer them flat. When it comes to designers Im sure almost all will agree with me and LOVE Christian Louboutin, YSL, Jimmy Choo, Jessica Simpson, Steve Madden and much more..

But what happens when an architect designs a shoe? Is it good? Bad? Take a look!

Julian Hakes, a London based architect, designed these pair of shoes with no foot plate. What do you think?


Personally, I think Zaha Hadid should stick to architecture. Don’t mess around with shoes. Please. (that’s my opinion)



Rem D. Koolhaas, in my opinion, does a nice job. I would definitely buy them.



Here’s Tea Petrovic’s design. Doesn’t look confortable at all. Gives me the impression that those wires will cut through my skin! They are interesting though.

Tea Petrovic – Shoe Love


Marloes ten Bhömer, also from London, did these. Looks kind of like origami.

Marloes ten Bhömer shoe

Which design is your favorite? Mines are the ones from Rem Koolhaas and the one with no foot plate was very interesting!




  1. kocham te buty!
    dziekuje za komentarz!


  2. i love first shoes ♥
    i wouldn't wear them , byt they looks grat in my opinion ... ;*

  3. I like the first one of Rem D. Koolhaas heehee


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