Feb 22, 2012

Creative Bookshelves

Here’s one more post to follow the magazine storing designs. I found a post on FreshHome and picked my favorite designs! What do you think about them? They’re kinda crazy, huh? Hope you had a nice Wednesday! Dobranoc!

The Wall Wave


Equation Bookshelf

bookshelf Equation Bookshelf

U Bend ubend shelf U Bend Shelf

Unal & Boler

unal&boler Studio

Ceiling bookshelf. Great idea when having a very limited space!

ceiling bookshelf Ceiling Book Storage Idea


boek500x275 Sticklebook   Invisible shelving system for books

DWR Studio


Flexi TubeDoris Kisskalt FlexiTube Modular Shelving


Storyline Bookshelf


Bookshelf with a bench

consoleshelves Book Shelves with a Bench

Which one is your favorite?


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