Feb 21, 2012

My bedroom

As promised… here’s my bedroom. When I first came to Poland, like on 2007, I didn’t really care about how this room looked like. But 2 years ago, when I moved in.. I cared. And I had to change the awful color he had, re-arrange all the stuff he had (and he had A LOT.. plants, multicolor lamps he never used, an elliptical, boxes and way too much stuff just laying around in the room in a corner behind the tv or couch.. now I don’t remember exactly. So here we go… a tour through the process :)

Hope you enjoy! The color scheme I chose was dark grey, dark brown (in the furniture) and an off-white.


Unfortunately, this is the only pic I could find of the before. He sent me this when he bought his new bed. I was still in Peru. I have a few more pics, but there where taking during the process. I kind of regret it. because it would’ve been nice to see the exact before.. in every angle :P




See the stuff he had befind the tv? He had much more.


That was the original color of the cupboard. Light brown… like the desk and door.


Hubby and I have a big room, so working with dark colors was possible for us. The palette of colors I chose was dark grey, brown (in the furniture), silver and an off-white.

As you’ve noticed, we have a sloped ceiling, so the dark color went on the tallest wall to emphasize the height, and off-white on the slope to give the illusion of a higher ceiling. On the dark wall I added small frames instead of a big one.. it was kind of impossible with it’s shape. We had that mirror before… so we just kept it. Making that round white frame was hard!



Our budget was a bit low, so we didn’t really buy new furniture. We don’t own the place where we live at, so we don’t really want to invest in new furniture.. we will do it once we buy a place. So, our desk stayed the same. But our shelves and cupboard where painted. It turned out black. But was supposed to be a dark brown tone like the bedframe and nightstands.

DSC_0451 2


Unfortunately we have that blue rug and couch. But as I said before, we won’t take this with us once we move out. We’ll probably buy a new set for our future living room. The only new thing we bought where the nightstands and the dresser next to the tv.



That’s the dresser and the cupboard we painted. We changed the old handles by new steel-like ones. Also added wax-paper to the 2 small windows to give the impression of sanded-glass. I think it was a great idea, it not only hides the mess behind them, but also looked good when we bought our dresser.

See the alien head on at the top? That’s one of the things I didn’t get my hubby to get rid of!



And here’s the BEFORE & AFTER:

IMG_5872DSC_0443DSC_1355DSC_0451 2


Finally, a tip I used in our room. One of our cats likes to come back home through our windows. So, we painted the bottom part dark gray as our bedhead wall. You don’t see the footprints that much.

window (4)

window (7)


  1. Omg...amaizing room <3 <3 love those pictures and black walls. I never knew that black walls would look so great. It just looks so WONDERFUL.
    You have a such good taste.


  2. black walls <3

    nigdy bym nie pomyślała , żeby pomalować część pokoju na czarno ! moim zdaniem, to świetny pomysł , ale zmieniłam zdanie dopiero kiedy zobaczyłam Twoje zdjęcia .

    U nas też już idzie wiosna i śnieg powoli się roztapia ;)

  3. amazing what you have done with your room! looks great :)


    xx janak'trina.


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