Feb 23, 2012

Simple tip to organize your nightstand

I did this like a week or almost 2 weeks ago. For the past year probably the top drawer of my night stand has been a mess and I couldn’t be bothered to clean it up or organize it. So far, after my organizing, its been kept like that :)

I had a bunch of stuff in. From pills, hairgrips to small books, pens and more.

DSC_0390 (2)


I found boxes that would fit in the drawer and work as divisors (the ones they sell in IKEA are great for clothing and deeper drawers). One of the boxes I had was too tall, so I cut it. I mean, if you want to go out and buy divisors or small containers, go :) But I knew if I didn’t do it then, I wouldn’t do it at all. Plus, I had the boxes for free ;)

DSC_0391 (2)


The, what I did was divide everything by categories. It can be: meds, papers, accessories. But I chose: stuff used often, papers and hygienic stuff (like antibacterial gel and tissues). Oh.. and trash.. which obviously I threw out.

And this was my final result!

DSC_0393 (2)


I did the same with hubby’s drawer. He hated the divisions at the beginning. But now he’s ok with it.. because he knows it helps a lot keeping everything organized!

DSC_0397 (2)


It’s a very simple but great tip. I need to tell my mom to do this. Her drawer is a mess (as mine WAS).



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